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Mar 19, 2019

If I recall correctly, it was the middle of my episode description, and today we’re talking about “The Papercut Chronicles” by Gym Class Heroes. Trading in hollow words for jelly-filled verbs, five pound pronounces and predicates, Fueled By Ramen’s first foray into hip-hop had everyone in 2005 feeling like they were stuck with a hand full of band-aids. You know you’re young, but maybe you feel like if you had to choose it or the sun, you’d be one nocturnal son of a gun. Or maybe this little chemical romance left a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s take cutie for a ride in our deathcab, and we’ll figure out how we feel about it before we drop her off at the meth lab.


special guest: Jac Walsh (@trulyblessed69)


recorded March 1st, 2019