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Oct 30, 2018

So, are you listening? Today we're talking about Paramore’s debut album, “All We Know Is Falling”. When it comes to this album, you best believe we’d never let it go. But do these songs still have everybody ELSE singing? No pressure on us, here we go again!

special guest: Rachel Freeman (@queeesuerte)


Oct 23, 2018

Welcome back race fans, it's Cavalcade sport time again! Today, we’re talking about Glassjaw’s 2nd full length, “Worship and Tribute”, so stop crying in the beer of a drunk man and start bleeding like a stuck pig. Can you bet in mid-October that this album is still a winner, not a goddamn sinner? Pop two tabs of...

Oct 16, 2018

Slow down, folks! Today we’re talking about “Almost Here” by The Academy Is…! When this album dropped in 2005, these pretty emo boys had everyone’s attention. Are these songs still hits that turn heads, or is this album down and out?, You’re probably sick and tired of waiting, so let’s go for it!


Oct 9, 2018

We’re talking about The Devil Wears Prada’s Plagues”. Over a decade ago, these songs were composed, note by note, so that we could review ‘em, track by track. We’re gonna bring it to our ears and (at least try to) experience purity no mind can grasp. Will we push bedlam noise to the state of blissfulness?

Oct 2, 2018

We're good to go, and we're going to review Fall Out Boy's first album, "Take This To Your Grave". Buried in memories around our throats, you might think this was the last good thing about this band, or maybe you know it's not your favorite record. Will the headphones deliver us some great nostalgia, or is this album